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Corter Leather

Our newest brand addition to the Denim Geek store is super-small one man operation, Corter Leather. Every product is 100% hand made by Eric Heins in a small bedroom studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Holes are punched and sewn by hand, hardware is set with a mallet, and though most leather is left natural, colored leather is dyed and oiled in house.

Over the past few years, Eric has worked non-stop to establish himself as the menswear blogeratti leathersmith of choice. The first wallet he ever made was a crudely stitched, 3/4″ thick buttoned number with a perfectly burnished patina. Heins was in college at the time and couldn’t afford any of the stuff he was a fan of on SuperFuture. The then undergraduate picked up leathercraft basics from a few online tutorials, and taught himself the rest.

Almost immediately after completing his first project, Heins found himself inundated with requests for similar items, both from friends and his fellow SuperFuture community members. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one on the hunt for an affordable, well-designed and sturdily crafted billfold. One after another, custom orders started coming in and many blogs cottoned on. The wait time went from around 3 to 4 weeks to a couple of months and Corter soon had to change from custom to stock items.

Eric also hit the headlines earlier this year after he raised $32,000 from the sale of special edtion bracelets to help the relief efforts in Japan. Each bracelet was crafted of simple leather and featured a hand painted red button closure to commemorate the country’s flag.

Denim Geek are proud to be Eric’s first international stockist and hope we can help the Corter Leather brand flourish in the UK and Europe. If you get a chance, check out their website at or view Denim Geek’s current range of Corter Leather products.

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