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Naked & Famous Scratch n’ Sniff Raspberry Denim

Brandon Svarc and his team of denim experts are some of the most passionate people in the denim industry. Dedicated to breaking the traditional barriers surrounding denim production, quality and innovation, Naked &…

The Craziest Jeans in the World

The Craziest Jeans in the World

Charismatic founder and denim purveyor Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous Denim recently spent some time at the GQ fashion closet to highlight a few of his label’s most memorable jeans. From glow-in-the-dark…

N&F Glow in the Dark Jeans

N&F Glow in the Dark Denim

We saw a sneak preview of Naked & Famous Denim’s Glow in the Dark jeans a few months ago and love it when detailed shots of their newest creations appear on the net….

Naked & Famous Denim's Japan Trip

Naked & Famous Denim’s Japan Trip

Our friends from Naked & Famous Denim recently shared some great pics on their site from their recent trip to Japan. They just got back from 2 weeks of buying, touring and selling…

WIN A Pair of Naked & Famous Denim

WIN A Pair of Naked & Famous Jeans!

Everyone needs a decent pair of jeans for the Spring/Summer season and you’d struggle to find better than Naked and Famous Denim. All of their jeans are kept raw and simple. There are…

Naked and Famous Reverse Fade Denim

Naked & Famous Reverse Fade Denim

Naked & Famous Denim this week gave Hypebeast an exclusive look at their new Reverse Fade Denim, part of the collection for Fall/Winter 2011. Produced exclusively for Barneys, the denim features an opposite…

The Denim Geek Online Store

As you might have guessed, this week has been a rather busy one at DGHQ. You’ve probably noticed that we’ve finally given the site a shake and have launched the denim store we’ve…

Naked & Famous x BIG JOHN

Naked & Famous x BIG JOHN

Hypebeast got an exclusive heads up on the new Naked and Famous Denim collaboration this week. Recognized as the very first denim brand in Japan, BIG JOHN has steadily churned out some of…

Naked and Famous 32oz Denim

We were over at Hypebeast this morning and thought we’d quickly share this with you guys. One of our favourite brands, Naked & Famous are staking their claim in denim history with the…

Naked and Famous Denim at Selfridges

One of our favourite brands has gained a staple foothold in the UK this week with Naked and Famous Denim finally arriving at Selfridges. We’ve covered the brand a few times in the…